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If you are lucky enough to have a yogi in your life, you’ll know that their practice is much more than a workout it’s a lifestyle. Yoga lovers will appreciate your mindfulness this Christmas when they unwrap a present that celebrates their passion for all things zen. Whether they are at the start of their journey or a flexible pro these yoga inspired gifts are the perfect choice for any light-warrior.

For the Fashionable Yogi

Everyone likes a little bling at Christmas. This range of Boho jewellery is both eye-candy and soul-food. These beautiful pieces are set with various lava-stones and gemstones that offer a wealth of benefits to the wearer. Boosting happiness & luck or offering protection each gemstone will offer a little bit of magic to the wearer through the festive period and beyond.

FOr The health conscious yogi

Even yogis overdo it whilst celebrating the festive season. Restore their balance with a supplement from the Culinary Caveman range. The Culinary Caveman has blended nutrient-rich and raw foods to create a pure powder of goodness! Add to fruit juices and smoothies to help detox before they retox this Christmas - Prices from £21

FOr The yogi that loves to travel

Choose a mat that is unique as they are. Destination Karma YogaMats celebrate the beauty of the world with 6 unique designs showcasing beautiful destinations including Bali, The Greek Islands and Cornwall. Each Destination Karma yoga mat can be folded up and placed in a suitcase, gym bag and even a handbag! - Yoga Mats from £49

FOr The yogi that loves to write

Handmade in India these gorgeous leather journals are perfect for yogis that loves to document their spiritual journey. Each leather journal has an embossed inspirational quote to conjure feelings of positivity, excitement and hope. A perfect gift for the wordsmith yogi in your life - Prices from £15

FOr The house-proud Yogi

Handcrafted in Indonesia this beautifully decorated resin figure of Lady Lotus is a must-have for any yogi's home or studio. Choose from gold or silver these figurines will be a gift that they will treasure forever - Prices from £24

FOr car-loving yogis

These beautiful yoga-inspired aromatherapy diffusers will enhance any festive road-trip. Keep calm when visiting the in-laws by adding just a few drops of aromatherapy oil to the pad, clip to the ventilation panel in your car and away you go! - Prices from £19

For the hard-to-please yogi

Not sure what to gift? No problem the good news is that all these gifts are covered by just one gift voucher. So, all you have to decide is how much you would like to spend and leave the rest up to them - Gift Cards from £10

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