10 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow If you Love Travel & Yoga

The newest Instagram craze for yogis is swapping holiday selfies with photos of some cool yoga poses in front of iconic landmarks or scenic sights to boost those essential ‘Like' stats! Check out the accounts of these nomadic yogis on Instagram to feed that wanderlust. You'll be booking your flight and packing your new Destination Karma travel mat in no time!


1. Caitlin Turner 




Arizona based Caitlin is one of Instagram's most widely followed yogi travellers, and for a good reason. Her tropical themed page and impressive yoga skills will make you yearn to book your next yoga retreat.


2. Kerri Verna 





As her Instagram handle suggests; Kerri is a yoga instructor who loves to teach on the beach! Crystal blue waters, sunset backdrops and inverted yoga poses has helped her achieve a 1 million Instagram following.


3. Honza & Claudine Lafond





Honza and Claudine Lafond are the power couple from different parts of the globe—Claudine is American, and Honza is from the Czech Republic. Their jaw-dropping Acro-Yoga photography incorporating their adorable daughter Sofie is pure #FamilyGoals.


4. Rachel Brathen




Swedish-born Rachel Brathen might just be Instagram's original wanderlust yogi. She has over two million followers, and if you love yoga and travel, you'd be insane not to follow her! If you are planning to jet off to tropical climates, then make your next destination Aruba where Rachel's yoga studio is based.


5. Sjana Elise Earp




Half yogi, half mermaid when Sjana is not snorkelling in the sea, this yoga teacher snaps poses in tropical destination around the world. Her gorgeous, radiant smile spread the joy of yoga and travel to anyone that follows.


6. Lindsey Calla




From the Bahamas to the jungles of Belize, this glamorous yogi is living the dream! Her success is well deserved as Lindsey is a very talented yoga teacher, photographer, writer, fashionista and beauty advisor. Her multi-talented skills and work ethic has seen her brand go from strength to strength.


7. Lauren Rudick




Lauren is a travelling yoga teacher that will send you a postcard from the city she is in if you donate $10 to a local charity from her website. From shots of her becoming one with nature in the buff to teetering on a mountain edge in the snow; Lauren will inspire you to get your Zen-on, whatever the weather!


8. Alla Gonopolsky




Want more travel and less yoga? Then this yogi is our top pick. Alla is a travel writer and self-described "binge traveller". Her travel photographs are stunning and wouldn't look out of place in National Geographic Mag. With a light sprinkling of some gorgeous yoga poses throughout this account will give you some serious wanderlust.


9. Amy Rollo



Are you more of an ice queen than a little mermaid? Then follow Amy Rollo, whose fantastic mountain and landscape shots will have you booking your next snowy retreat asap! Snowboarder/Yogi will inspire you to get your hiking boots on and a climb a mountain in search of the perfect yoga shot. 

10. Neus Marquès


A gorgeous well-presented page takes you on a journey of passion, yoga and happiness in some of the world's most stunning destinations. Neus also has a separate Instagram account dedicated to her love for the ocean.




Which Insta-yogis inspire you to travel the world? 

Let us know in the comments below!

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