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Destination Karma Travel Yoga Mat Travel Friendly Limited Edition Eco-Friendly Showcasing the beauty of the world one yoga mat at a time

Destination Karma Yoga

Destination Karma yoga mats are perfect for yogis on the go that are bored of the uninspiring & plain design of most travel mat brands. 

"A True Travel Mat"

Destination Karma designs feature global destinations. Not only visually gorgeous; they still have all the best features of other leading yoga mat brands.  

💚Eco-friendly, made from natural tree rubber and weighing less than a kilo, our mats can be folded to fit inside a rucksack or gym bag. Perfect for wandering off the beaten track to find a peaceful and secluded spot for your next yoga practice!

💧The latest non-slip micro-fibre technology will ensure safe practice even in the hottest and humid conditions

"Certified as Limited Edition"

Our travel mats are limited edition with only 100 yoga mats made of any one particular design. Beautifully packaged, each yoga mat comes with a unique certificate of authenticity.

"Global Love"

With every purchase Destination Karma promises to donate to a charity associated with each featured destination. 

Our ultimate aim is to showcase the beauty of the world, one yoga mat at a time!


Herbal Tea Ceremony Set

There's nothing more heavenly than serving a soothing cup of herbal tea from a gorgeous matching set. 

🍵 These pretty little tea ceremony sets come in a gift box, a teapot with a metal strainer in the lid and six matching cups. 


 🌎 Four lovely designs to choose from, and you can make teabag free tea, and save the earth. 

🏡 A perfect house warming or mothers day gift



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Cool multi-cultural uni-sex bling. This range of Boho jewellery is both eye candy and soul food.. Our talented designer has incorporated elements of east and western culture, mixed with a heavy dose of mysticism. 

These beautiful pieces are set with various lava-stones and gemstones that offer a wealth of benefits to the wearer. 

Hamsa Charms boost happiness & luck, Tiger Eyes boost confidence, Crown Charms boost power, Crosses offer protection and Skull Charms boost health.

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